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Project Description
This is an RPG game which runs on the .net Micro Framework Gadgeteer platform. It uses the FEZ Spider hardware

This is an RPG game that uses the .net Micro Framework Gadgeteer platform. I basically wanted a project to learn how to use different components so thought Game was a good idea. The hardware required for this project is:

FEZ Spider
T35 Display Module
SD Card Module

The project also uses the Glide display library from GHI:

So far the character generator code has been written and it uses the SD card to store graphics and other files.

To use, you will need to download and extract the Tyrannt.7z file onto the root of an SD card and insert that card into the SD module..

Here is a video of it running so far:

NEW** 2012/02/10
Added a generator tool (Written in VB) all source has been added to the project, just download the latest version. It will currently generate the Items only. It will require the location of the extracted tyrannt.7z file (tyrannt directory). This can be done by using the File->Settings menu item.

An example of it in action is shown below:


NEW** 2012/02/13
Added a maze generator, example image below:


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