An item is something that a player or monster can use. It may be a weapon, Armour, potion. It can also be an item that is required to open something or enable a character to do a specific task. E.g. allow a theif to pick a lock.

Breakdown of Item components

  • Name string Used for filing
  • Description string
  • Item Picture string (90x150 image)
  • Item Icon string (50x50 image)
  • Requires string Requires Ammo item
  • Item Type string {Weapon, Ammo, Armour, Spell, General}
  • Item Value string (E.g, dice roll or spell name)
  • Item Range int (0 if N/A)
  • Item Count int (If Ammo or 1 if not)
  • Usable boolean
  • Quest Item boolean
  • Broken boolean

The item information is stored on the SD card in the following place

Item details

\tyrannt\items\{item name}.itm

Generator Screen


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