All that is required for that class to be able to cast a spell is a spell book and have Mana value greater than 0.
When a character starts, the directory is scanned for spells that are of the required level and have the Auto Add checked. These will be transferred to the “Spell book” object associated with that character. A character can "Win" a spell that is not checked for auto add during the game. In fact if in the game you give a character a spell book as an item found in the game and it gets put into their inventory; the next time they level, all available spells will be added to that characters spell book. But that character will need sufficient mana to cast them.


  • Name string used to file spell
  • Description string
  • Requires Item string used to file spell and limit to class
  • Mana cost int
  • Auto Add to Spell Book bool True=New Spells on start & level. False=spell needs finding
  • Minimum Character Level int Character needs to be a certain level before being able to cast
  • Area of effect int
    • Single Enemy
    • Single team member
    • All enemies
    • All team members
  • Number Rounds effect lasts int Can be a sustained effect Round=combat round
  • Spell Effect int
    • Adds to HP
    • Removes from HP
    • Adds to Mana
    • Removed from Mana
    • Reduces Damage
    • Increases Damage
    • Reduces Hit Chance
    • Increases Hit Chance
  • Value string Can be set amount or dice roll

Spell Details

Spells are stored in the following location on the SD card:

\tyrannt\spells\{spell book}\{spell name}.spl

Generator Image

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